Priced to Replace Single-Use-Plastic

Designed to Create Brand Value & Superior Experience

R4 Aluminum Bottles are an affordable solution to single-use plastic bottles.  They are durable for infinite reuse with proper care, yet not cost-prohibitive for hospitality volume applications such as hotels and resorts.

Made in the USA of 100% recyclable aluminum, R4 Bottles are delivered empty for full or self-serve water on-demand applications.  That significantly reduces the unnecessary costs and carbon footprint of delivered bottled water.

R4 Bottles provide reuse, displacing single-use plastic bottles at rates of 50 or more to 1.  That sustainable reuse also creates a NEW marketing opportunity.  Since R4 Bottles are fully customizable, reuse means a highly engaged and extended brand exposure opportunity for your business.

Computer-controlled, multicolor lithography produces an unlimited amount of graphic effects and color options across the entire R4 Bottle.  And unlike simple silkscreen logos, R4 Bottles are prepared with both base and overcoats, baked on for a durable finish that lasts.

All added up, R4 Bottles end the sustainability issue created by plastic and begin a new way to profit from water and brand value. 

Customization Equals Brand Value

R4 Bottles are fully customizable and quality made.  Add to that the reuse factor and the result is extended, truly engaged, brand exposure.

R4 Bottles can be designed in custom shapes and sizes.  Flexible artwork, graphics and color options add to the impact and appeal.  They are also finish coated for additional durability and that final touch.

With proper care R4 bottles last as long as any other reusable bottle.  That means that guests will enjoy their branded R4 Bottle wherever life takes them and for a long time.

A Perfect Compliment to Water On-Demand

R4 Bottles conveniently replace the need for single-use plastic when paired with hydration stations.  They are perfect for self-serve hydration stations, complimentary, grab ‘N go or minibars.  They provide convenience in operations and customer service.  They also offer flexibility in cost controls and profit generation.

We offer standard and custom-designed water on-demand solutions for any hospitality scenario.

A Sustainable Solution

R4 Bottles are delivered to our customers empty.  In doing so, we remove the unnecessary and costly steps of warehousing and multi-point transportation in the water filling process.  Unlike single-use plastic bottles, they are are 100% recyclable and the aluminum will be reused indefinitely in other products.

These facts combined with the significant reuse factor of R4 Bottles (the average bottle will be reused 50 times versus just once) reduces carbon impact dramatically.  By implementing water-on-demand and using R4 Bottles, our customers realize a positive and measurable sustainability impact in their operations immediately.  And, each bottle will save thousands of plastic bottles from our oceans and landfills.

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