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Goodbye Single-Use Plastic, Hello Premier Experience!

Convenient, Sustainable & Affordable

R4 Bottles are optimally designed to provide reuse and convenience, affordably.  Made of 100% recyclable aluminum, they are durable for infinite reuse with proper care, but not cost prohibitive for full complimentary distribution on cruise lines. 

Quality, Custom & Brand Value

R4 Bottles can be designed in custom shapes and sizes.  Flexible artwork, graphics and color options add to the impact and appeal.  They are also finish coated for additional durability and that final touch.  Delivered empty, R4 Bottles pass many international certifications.

Using Aluminum Recyclable R4 Bottles With Water On Demand Reduces Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint Impact

R4 Bottles are delivered empty.  In doing so, the unnecessary and costly steps of bottle filling, extra warehousing and multi-point transportation are removed.  

Add the reuse effect (one R4 Bottle to 50 or more single-use plastic bottles) and the carbon footprint reduction falls dramatically.

Lastly, when R4 Bottles reach the end of their useful life and are recycled, 100% of that aluminum will be reused for new bottles or other aluminum products.

By implementing water-on-demand and using R4 Bottles, our customers realize a positive and measurable sustainability impact immediately.  They also gain flexibility with cost controls and profit generation.

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