Changing the Conversation About Water

R4 Brands focuses on delivering sustainable, luxury hydration solutions to hospitality clients.  We are not exclusively limited, nor are we a proprietary supplier.  Rather, we have partnered with today’s industry-leading on-demand water manufacturers, designers, and installers to provide an unsurpassed level of choice, value, and service.

Our mission is to help our customers implement and maintain their optimum and complete on-demand, sustainable water solutions, with one point of expert contact for exceptional convenience, value, and service.

Our process begins with understanding your hydration, health, and wellness vision.  Today’s discerning members and guests expect more than a series of water bubblers, coolers, and single-use plastic bottles.  Exceed their expectations by providing a sustainable water experience that is a luxury amenity.

With an understanding of the venue’s hydration vision, we then perform an initial complimentary site review.  We review for functionality, convenience, placement, as well as décor coordination/brand standards, for maximum effectiveness.  The equipment selection is based on the necessary water through-put to service the placement location optimally, along with providing the needed type of hydration (chilled, sparkling, and boiling).

Look, feel and brand standards matter!  R4 Brands has the capability of incorporating the hydration equipment into a current case good or we can work with a millwork team to help create a complimentary piece to house the equipment.  Additionally, we can customize mobile hydration bars and placement to support seasonal options.

No More Single-Use Plastic!

Completing the hydration sustainability circle, we also offer vessel options in aluminum, glass, and stainless steel, as well as ice machines and lifestyle ancillary options like beverage syrups and premium coffee.  We also provide design, fulfillment, logistics, and warehouse services to help our clients easily complete the sustainability circle and to end the use of single-use plastic water bottles.

Finally, when the plan is complete, let’s execute it!  We will be with you every step of the way for final designs, installation, training, and support.  One point of contact, expert consult, superior support.

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