Water On Demand Custom Glass Bottles For Hotels and Hospitality

Choice, Value & Service

R4 Brands specializes in providing sustainable water solutions for Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants and luxury homeowners.

Our mission is to help our customers implement their optimum on-demand water solution.  Whether that’s a group hotel application or single restaurant, we will customize a solution that meets your needs.

Choice:  We offer the latest equipment available from the leading global water on-demand manufactures.  We know that one type or size does not fit all!

Value:  One point of contact, a complete sustainability solution, industry expert help.

Service:  Installation and maintenance management nationwide – seamless service with white-glove hospitality focused quality 24 x 7.

No More Single-Use Plastic!

Do you also need sustainable delivery options?  We provide one point of contact, limitless options and expert service for customizable glass, aluminum and stainless steel vessels.

We also provide design, fulfillment, logistics and warehouse services to help our clients easily complete the sustainability circle, and to end the use of single-use plastic water bottles.

See our new R4 Aluminum Bottle line.

Using Aluminum Recyclable R4 Bottles With Water On Demand Reduces Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint Impact

By implementing water-on-demand and using sustainable bottles, our customers realize a positive and measurable sustainability impact immediately.  They also gain flexibility with cost controls and profit generation.

Our bottles are delivered to our customers empty.  In doing so, the unnecessary and costly steps of bottle filling, extra warehousing and multi-point transportation are removed.  The reduction of these steps is very significant, but there is more to save…

Add the reuse effect (ex. one R4 Aluminum Bottle to 50 or more single-use plastic bottles) and the carbon footprint falls dramatically.

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